the people behind the camera


We're all about embracing small moments and finding adventure in the simple things. When we aren't photographing a wedding or editing some gorgeous couples, you can find us exploring a new city or hiking wild trails. 

When we spend time with you in front of our lens, our favorite things to photograph are the intimate details that make up a relationship. Spontaneous kisses and laughter so wonderful it makes you cry, the whisper of a secret or the sharing of a favorite story. To us, the art of photography is more then the (albeit important) technicalities of the camera- it's about capturing the genuine moments in life that fly by way too fast and the relationships you'll always remember. Together, we want to have fun. We want to laugh loudly, share deeply, and enjoy these moments. 

In the winter of 2016, we moved to the mountains of Asheville, North Carolina to fulfill our dream of being a part of a vibrant, creative community. Meeting new people and experiencing new things is a crucial part of who we are. That's the main reason photography continues to be our job of choice- we love people. Meeting them, knowing them, and beautifully capturing their memories is the most rewarding thing we could possibly ask for. 

Extrovert - ENFP, to be exact; 4w3. Creative enthusiast & people person. Lover of good conversation and authentic community. My favorite thing about photography is connecting with other people about their stories and capturing a piece of it on camera. I'm the talker of the two of us, the person who uses smilies in emails and asks a ton of questions in our time together. I have no excuse except genuinely wanting to get to know you a bit. What can I say? People are seriously my favorite. I studied theatre in high school (any surprise?) and to this day am very passionate about acknowledging people‚Äôs stories and turning it into art. In my spare time, I enjoy photographing families, writing, exploring cute coffee shops, traveling to new places, and generally being spontaneous.  

Instagram: @tadaitsveronica 
Favorite Musical Artist: Birdtalker, The Icarus Account
Current Kick: Growing some veggies from seed - send help!

Introvert - INFJ; 5w6. Jeff is the backbone of Woven Strands, both artistically and technically. After being passionate about the visual arts throughout high school, he attended Southeastern University for a degree in Broadcasting. In the fall of 2014, he quit his day job to pursue photography full time. To him, photography is more then just a snap shot of a moment or scene- every frame has its own story, and a thousand small memories with it. Being the finder of these moments and transforming them into timeless art is something that never gets old. Outside of photography, Jeffrey enjoys making and consuming coffee, traveling (but not planning), binging Netflix, and cheering on the Boston College Eagles. 

Instagram: @simple.mountain.folk
Favorite Musical Artist: Passenger, Matthew Thiessen
Current Kick: Perfecting pour-over coffee; occasionally woodworking.



In 2015, the two of us welcomed a sweet baby girl, Joy Elise. Since then she's taken the title of Administrative Distraction and has the best time playing in the dirt and following us as we explore the outdoors.  Currently, her favorite thing is running wild outside, dancing to Shirley Temple, and changing outfits 200 times a day.

If you like what you see, we'd love to connect with you! Since love and marriage are some of the most intimate, most raw moments of a person's life, we want to make sure that the four of us click really well and, most importantly, that you trust us to capture these forever memories.

So don't hesitate! Go ahead and visit our contact page to leave us a note, tell us about your wedding, or just say hi! Also be sure to check out the great feedback we've heard from our previous brides + grooms. We look forward to talking with you soon!



at work

Emily & Justin shared this fun photo of us in action that a guest took with one of the many kodak cameras that decorated the tables- circa 2017! Thanks, friends, for sharing this moment with us!


behind our name

Woven Strands Photography started out as wishful thinking. As a newly-wed couple stuck in uninspired jobs, we dreamed of creating a business that combined our love for photography and our tendency to celebrate even the smallest of milestones. In August of 2014, we quit our jobs and threw our heart and soul into making a photography company that tells the real and beautiful stories of couples all over. Since those first few months, we've had the pleasure of photographing 50+ weddings in South Carolina, North Carolina, Florida, Tennessee and Pennsylvania. 

We knew our name would be an important aspect of our company, and we really wanted it to reflect who we were and what we believed. A verse in the book of Ecclesiastes summed up our views on marriage well; "Though one may be overpowered, two can defend themselves. A cord of three strands is not quickly broken."

Thus, our name was born. Woven Strands Photography started as a business created by newly-weds, for soon-to-be newly-weds, and remains a company that celebrates marriage, family, and all aspects of love. Together, we hope to create beautiful, authentic art that empowers and encourages your marriage & family.

Connect with us today to see how we can make your vision & story come to life!