Cats, Christmas, and stellar Clients

Sometimes, I feel like we are all mice and Christmas is a cat. You know, we're just normal humans who run around doing everyday things, (but sometimes some fun & quirky things too). Then you got Christmas, who is just lingering all year, stalking us just itching to pounce.  

You following me? It comes so quickly. And when it finally strikes us... it strikes hard. The past month has been Christmas sessions, present buying, Christmas sessions, Christmas carols, Christmas wedding, Christmas engagement, editing Christmas... and more Christmas Christmas Christmas....  

I swear, Christmas is just like a cat waiting to pounce, ya'll. 


That said, Christmas may be crazy and drain everything out of everyone, but we are so thankful to have gone through this crazy, joyful season with the most amazing clients ever!  

From discovering new parks with some adventurous families, to capturing the Christmas spirit with some of the most creative, to documenting crazy fun winter weddings... we've done it all with the most flexible, fabulous and fun couples & families we could have ever hoped to serve! 


So thank you all for making our first Christmas as a business one to remember. We have been honored to get to know so many generous people who have gone above and beyond, who were willing to give us- the new kids on the block- a chance.  

We wish each of you a wonderful & joyous holiday season, and the best Christmas yet!