Sometimes, love grows sweeter the longer it's been around. This is true for Bill and Ethel, who thirty years and six kids later could still be mistaken for newly weds. They have never had a photo-shoot dedicated to just them- no engagement pictures, no bride-and-groom wedding poses, and no anniversary shots. So this past Sunday was dedicated to documenting their seasoned love , even though it's grown 


We choose the beautiful Azeala Park for their shoot, expecting sunny skies to get some great golden shots. However, the weather didn't get the memo. It was muggy all day, with strikingly high humidity, and wet, mushy ground beneath us. Bill and Ethel, however, maintained a awesome attitude and showed us what it meant to dance in the rain. They embraced what could have been a gloomy situation and made it loads of fun! 


We had such a fun time with them, and are so grateful they allowed us to document these precious moments! We listened in on some great stories from their dating days, and watched them relish in their love for each other, away from the business of life.