Four Things NOT To Wear To A Photo Shoot

Consider this: A few weeks ago, you went out and got some quality portraits done of your family, and finally the prints you ordered have arrived! You are shocked to notice that you look stressed, the kids clash terribly, and your husband looks like a box. Instead of getting a beautifully composed photograph of your family, you have a picture full of distractions.

Sometimes, we think a photo shoot requires the same clothing we wear in every-day life. While this is true to an extent, there are some things that are just over-looked normally that are actually super distracting in photographs.  Although there is a certain amount of responsibility that goes to the photographer for communicating on appropriate clothing choices, there are a few simple things you can be aware of to make positive decisions regarding what you wear to your photo session.

We decided to pull out the tripod and have some fun in order to give ya'll examples of some of the most distracting clothing choices. We hope these quick tips help you for your next photo shoot! 




This first rule has everything to do with what makes you comfortable, and even more with making you look comfortable. If you are dressed up in your nicest outfit, or have layers of clothing on, its just normal that you won't be as comfortable posing as you may be in everyday life. This will show in your face and body language. This definitely doesn't flatter you at all! Your clothes should just be a part of who you are, a bit of the picture. But when you are uncomfortable, they take over your whole body and expression too! Whether you are too warm or  constantly have to pull your skirt down, these tendencies are captured by the camera and comes across as tenseness and sometimes awkwardness. 

Sometimes it might not be as cut and dry as you expect. Here are some hints on what to stay away from!

  • New clothing
  • Too many layers
  • Short skirts
  • Really tight clothing 
  • Formal wear (for everyday shoots)




On the other hand, it IS possible to be too comfortable. Wearing over-sized clothing may be cozy for rainy days or cold weather, but for your photo session you'll want to leave it home. See the numerous wrinkles and extra cloth there is in this picture? This not only mis-represents your natural form, but also distracts the eye from your faces to focus on your clothing. It's much easier for you to be naturally flattered when you wear comfortable, fitted clothing. This also gives you a more finished look in the photographs so that you look your best for loved ones who may not see you often. 




What's the first thing you notice in this photograph? The bright, multi-colored clothing is probably top on your list. You can have a perfect photograph for your perfect love story, but the main point will be completely lost if people are drawn to your shirt more then your expression and emotion! 

When choosing colors, it's important to remember not to out-shine yourself. Your personality will shine through in your expression, the location, and poses. It's definitely important your clothes don't blend in with the background, but going color-crazy is not the answer. Clothing is not where you want to make your statement- otherwise, the statement will be lost entirely. This leads us to our next point: 




Steer away from any bold graphics- whether they represent your favorite band or clothing brand. This concept is very similar to the being too colorful. It's said that viewers only look at a photograph for a mere matter of seconds. Graphics grab ahold of the eyes attention, so people spend those precious moments reading your shirt instead of understanding the picture and the story you are trying to tell. After those few seconds are up, the viewer has quickly moved to the next photograph without further consideration.

Along with crazy graphics, other distracting elements can include crazy patterns or loud designs. All of these can easily clash with the environment and can distract from your face. 


Fortunate for us, these tips aren't rocket-science. The most important tip we can suggest is that you do keep a positive attitude and have fun! If nothing else sticks, remember that. ;)


Above is a example, or inspiration will you, of something that doesn't distract from the main story of the picture. By no means are we saying the above photograph is the be-all-end-all of what to wear, but rather is an example of some comfortable, flattering choices to help inspire you for your next photo shoot. Solids are usually a good choice to play it safe for any location. Of course, patterns can be fun- just use them sparingly!

We hope this post was as fun for you to read as it was for us to make!