After a six months of knowing each other, Mike and Donna got married. She fell in love with 'his good heart', and now five years later those words are a testimony to their marriage. They are completed by two beautiful dogs which make their family whole. 


We are so grateful for them allowing us to have a mini-session of them and their family! Despite the agonizing heat (102 degrees!) and the cats roaming around (dog distraction #1), Mike and Donna remained positive and cheerful. 

We are grateful for their openness with us. Donna shared in her first email that Mike is diagnosed with cancer, and they don't know how much longer they have together. These photographs are a celebration of their marriage, family, and life. Despite their struggles, Mike displayed a jolly attitude and was constantly smiling. 

We so enjoyed our time with Mike and Donna! Thank you both for making our day a little brighter!