5 Romantic Christmas Songs

Here at Woven Strands Photography, we really do believe Christmas is the most wonderful time of the year. Maybe it's because of the magical vibe Christmas lights bring, or the romantic feeling in the air from snowy days and soft Christmas music playing. Whatever it is, we're in love with this season and joy it brings.

Christmas Themed First Dance Songs

This week, we wanted to do something a little different. Since this is such a romantic time of the year (it is engagement season, after all), we wanted to spread the love with a little bit of Christmas romance from our personal favorite artists. We love music with a touch of folk, but have some different genres scattered through here. I've also included a recommended activity for each song because you really can't make too much hot chocolate this season.

So what are you waiting for? Open up your Spotify (or iTunes or AmazonMusic, etc) and give them a listen!


5 Christmas Songs for Extra Snuggles


With a upbeat twist on the old Christmas classics, Ben Rector's Christmas album has the perfect blend of nostalgia and modern. Listen to the whole album here.

With both Christmastime favorites & original works, Jenny & Tyler's folk-based album sets the perfect mood for tea candles and warm, fresh-baked cookies. Listen to the whole album here.

Careful, you might get addicted to The Vocal Few! With all the wanderlust vibes and a modern folk touch, the Vocal Few is perfect listening for all your vacation-planning days. Listen to the whole album here.

She & Him, with upbeat arrangements and unique renditions, creating a beachy vibe with a bit of feminism sprinkled in there. Also, Zooey Deschanel. What else has to be said? Listen to the whole album here.

Bonus track:

A Indie artist with a delightfully folk vibe, Jillian Edwards is possibly the most romantic artist on our list, with other whimsical originals that have nothing to do with Christmas. Listen to some here.

We are wishing you the most magical of Christmases! I hope these songs can add a bit of Christmas cheer this final countdown before Christmas. What song would you add to this list?

In no way are we sponsored by or affiliated with these associated artists (although we'll brag and say we DID meet Ben Rector in NYC ;)). We're just sharing the Christmas love!