Lindsay & Seth | The Biltmore Estate, Asheville NC

Boxing Day seems to represent the brutal reality of winter.  Doesn't it seem like once Christmas ends, the cold is no longer friendly and the snow is just in our way? The chill has no magical feeling anymore, and I expectantly wait for Spring. Oh, the colors! And the warm sun that finally pops out again! Although winter sessions & weddings have a very special place in our heart, there's nothing like the vibrancy of spring & fall that we get to experience here in the mountains.  

So although we're still a good couple months from Spring, I wanted to throw back to Lindsay & Seth's gorgeous fall engagement session at the Biltmore Estate to bring some warmth and color to your day. 

Together, we wandered the gardens of the Biltmore Estate. Although the sky was cloudy and threatened to pour rain, Lindsay & Seth were incredibly good sports and shined despite the dreary day. 

You can see a bit of their personality shine through in this set- can you catch the Titanic photo? 

Lindsay's red dress is looking sharp! I especially love its pop agains the blue mountains of Asheville and grey cement that surrounds the Biltmore. 

It was such a pleasure meeting these two love-birds! So incredibly excited to document their big day.