A Peek at 2016: Spring and Summer

Happy New Year, lovelies! Is it just us, or did 2016 move really fast? It feels like just a few days ago we were packing to move to Asheville - but in reality it was over a year ago! Now, we're once again facing engagement season and all the joy it brings.

A Summer Southern Wedding in Charleston, SC - Woven Strands Photography

To celebrate this amazing year (and dream about what's to come), we wanted to do something a little bit different. Although we've collected some beautiful photos of tables and decor, we have in this post lots of real-life moments that are impossible to just 'pose'. As a duo so focused on capturing your wedding day authentic to you are as a couple and artistically, it's only fitting that we'd share these memories and not just the flowers and cakes (although they are gorgeous!!) We hope it can inspire you to pursue a dream wedding that fulfills and celebrates the two of you for who your are, not what's expected from you or traditional.

We've split the 'inspiration post' into two posts with loads of gorgeousness, separated by Spring/Summer and Fall/Winter. Even if you aren't currently planning a wedding, we hope you find meaning in the emotions and real moments captured below. 

Colorful Springtime Wedding - Asheville Wedding Photographer

Spring & Summer

To start things off, let's have a little bit of bridal fashion! First up is Sarah & Alex's rings from their whimsical summer wedding. These were photographed on a windowsill inside of the Unitarian Church they called home. Including that sentimental detail with Sarah's detail shots really capture the atmosphere of their big day.

There were so many gorgeous dresses (so, so many!) that it was so hard to narrow down just a favorite to share with y'all. Kaylan's gorgeous pink-hued dress (complete with a perfect touch of lace and satin!) made our final cut. Something about the perfect mesh of a modern-classic bride with the elegant tones from their venue made it stand out! Both moody and timeless, these details will be some of our favorites for a while. 

Since taste varies so much, we've included below some more styles to inspire you further! Which one is your favorite? 

 Our favorite cake was another hard choice. Not only do so many look amazing, but they all taste amazing, too! The winner has to be this delightful Spring delicacy from Kasey & Van's Charleston Wedding. This one is too pretty to eat!

Usually, a wedding day is focused on the bride - and the groom makes his appearances here & there. Sarah & Alex's wedding was different- both the bride & groom were held in high regard, their day focused on the two of them together. We loved that. Our favorite 'Groom moment' (this actually covers ALL of 2016) was certainly when Alex pulled out the cigars to take a few pre-ceremony smokes with his favorite guys. 

There are so many sweet and sentimental moments during the getting ready process. The image below, taken at Kelsey & Devan's summer wedding, speaks the most to me. It captures all of the emotion and anticipation those final minutes hold. The bridesmaids are dressed, make up and hair is done, and all that's left is to put on the dress. 

A Getting Ready Portrait - Charleston, SC - Woven Strands Photography

However, despite the sincere mood these moments often have, there is still lots of celebration & love! I couldn't help but share these sweet moments between Kasey & her girls from their Spring wedding in Charleston, SC. 

Remember that anticipation I mentioned earlier? Nothing captures all of the hope and excitement a wedding brings then a 'First Touch' moment. What's a First Touch? Some couples, wanting to keep the tradition of the hidden bride but still wanting to interact with their love choose to meet creatively, sight unseen, to pray, meditate, and encourage each other before the vows. Most common, a First Touch takes place with a door between the couple - but Emma & Kevin had a different idea. Together, (Kevin blindfolded) they prayed and talked about their future. 

Speaking of First Touches and Looks and all those special moments, I so adore the reaction here from Kelsey's Father on her wedding day. If you want to carve out a special memory for a loved one in your life, a First Look can fit any relationship! 

For example, look at these super cute reactions from Kasey's girls! The tears, the laughter, the red faces -these moments create such dear memories. 

Don't get me wrong - we are huge fans of bride & groom 'First Looks'. They are emotional, beautiful, and so intimate. However, waiting for that moment down the aisle has its perks, too. Check out Devan's reaction to seeing his bride!

Of course, sometimes the day is too tightly scheduled to fit in all these first looks and extra moments. So instead, we get sweet memories like this one from Lucy & Patricks wedding. A father & daughter, preparing to take the walk down the aisle. 

Before the Ceremony - Charlotte Traditional Wedding - Woven Strands Photography

All these reactions are so sweet, but we can't forget about the bride! Here's Kaylan's reaction walking down the aisle. Isn't she adorable? Love that sweet, happy giggle. Their first kiss, too, was to die for- surrounded by the Blue Ridge mountains and their closest friends and family. 

Since we're sharing those real moments, here's another one from over the summer. We adore the emotion and sincerity in Liza & Ottavio's  mountain wedding. How wonderful it is to be called 'Man and Wife' in the setting that speaks most to you!

We are huge advocators for sunset photos. You get this golden glow unlike any other time of day. It adds the perfect magical warmth to make any wedding photos complete. Sometimes, the timeline allows for sunset photos, and sometimes you can catch moments happening at golden hour. Below, Kasey & Van sign their marriage certificate in the glow of the setting sun.  

Although we love golden hour, every time of day has its own little magic. Check out the bride & bridesmaids photos from Kelsey & Devan's wedding. These were taken about two hours before sunset, and with the right placement (and pretty smiles!) they turned out gorgeous! 

Alright, back to details goodness. Emma & Kevin's summer wedding had so much DIY pretty, but you would never know it. Their colorful backyard wedding was coordinated perfectly with color and style. We love how Emma & Kevin's family and friends made this gorgeous oasis a reality by pitching in together on the wedding day! Check out these delicious set-ups. 

Another favorite of ours is this super happy arrangement from Liza & Ottavio's summer wedding. To be honest, isn't this how we are all feeling on that day anyway?! This detail is just too adorable not to share. 

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Although casual weddings are some of our favorites around, we can't deny that a formal wedding is just as charming! The sophistication and detail that goes into planning these affairs makes literally every detail unforgettable. We especially love this design from Kasey & Van's Charleston wedding. 

When a gets together for their first dance, we encourage you to create a atmosphere that fits who you are as a couple perfectly! This is one of the first statements you make as a husband and wife, so be sure that it reflects who you are and suits your taste- not the latest trends or what Aunt GiGi is hoping to hear. We adore this First Dance moment from Patrick & Lucy's elegant outdoor reception. 

Sparkler exits are all the rage, and in the right setting and with the right guests it's so worth it it! Step outside with your favorite people to capture that glow, or be creative with another exit that speaks to you - grand or not! 

What's your favorite thing about early - year weddings? Tell us below in the comments!