Rebecca's Bridal Portraits | Old Sheldon Church Ruins

Are these not the most gorgeous ruins you have seen? And doesn't this bride just top it all?

Asheville Bridal Photographer

We've been talking with Rebecca since October, and planned a gorgeous fall session. Unfortunately, thanks to Hurrican Joaquin and the intense rain South Carolina experienced fall of 2015, we had to reschedule for this Spring. And, I have to admit, I am so glad we did- these ruins, this spring light- it's all so picture perfect.

There's something so beautiful about the Sheldon Church. For hundreds of years, it has stood against fire, against neglect, against abuse- and still remains today. When you step onto the grounds, you feel as though you are somewhere between time.

It was very clear from our first moments together that the Sheldon Church Ruins were perfect for Rebecca's bridal portraits. Timeless and classy herself, Rebecca thrived in this gorgeous, thoughtful setting.