The Importance of Photography

In today's age, with modern technology literally at our finger tips 24/7, it's easy to forget the art behind technology we often take for granted. For instance, photography. All it takes is a one-minute scroll down our Facebook or Instagram feed to see that (often) the modern person mistakes photography as a push of a button, without regard to composition, lighting, or aethestics. Although there is nothing wrong with snapshots of our day to day, of course, there's a trend going on that quality, composed photography is no longer a nesscessity. 

The important times of our life are documented by friends and family, all with good intentions. The majority of these photos are in squares with cell-phone quality and are fun to share on social media, but don't stand the test of time. In the days of instant gratification, we forget that these photos and memories aren't just for us to look at for a few years online, but are also for our grandchildren and their children to cherish.  

Because of these relatively new cultural norms, it's easy to be more flippant about who we choose to capture the moments of our wedding day. Friend- remember these moments are sacred. Saying your vows to the person who are committing to for life surrounded by your family and close friends is undeniably special. In most cases, your wedding day is the only day, ever, that you can have your favorite people all together under one roof. So many emotions and thoughts pass through everyone's minds, and it will show on their faces, in the way they hug you, in their eyes as the bride walks down the aisle. For the bride and groom, the day moves so fast, there is so much to do, so much to see, so much to say that frankly it is overwhelming to remember it all.

For us newlyweds, we want to take each moment, each second and hold them tightly in our hearts. To remember exactly the way your Father cried when he saw you in your dress for the first time, and how tightly your groom squeezed your hand while saying the vows. The food was so good, the lights so magical, and the company so very sweet. 

But it's only one night. It can't last forever. 

Why do we treat our weddings like it's just any other day?  

So don't settle- find a photographer who can capture the little looks and glances, who knows how to capture these fleeting moments. You don't have to write off quality photographs just because of budget- with a little research and bit of time, you can find the perfect photographer for you and your wedding. 


Today, consider what aspects of your wedding are important to you. If you want these moments to be remembered forever -and ever and ever- plan ahead. Chat around. Most importantly, see who's work makes you swoon. What photos, what style moves you most?  

Capturing the little moments every day on our cell-phones and digital cameras is so great. Thank God we live in a century where technology is so available to the every day person! But don't let that prevent you from getting those fleeting moments, the spontaneous hugs, and the oh so beautiful details of your day captured in beautiful photography. It's more then just a splurge for a single day- it's a investment for a lifetime. 

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