A Peek at 2016: Fall and Winter

Last week, we released a 'Peek at Spring and Summer' which featured our favorite moments & designs from our early 2016 weddings. This time around, we're featuring our favorite memories and moments from late 2016 - which means all those the fall and wintery vibes. I might be biased since these two are my favorite seasons, but these are some of my favorite collections yet! 

Below, we have some inspiring moments and beautiful decor to hopefully give you a giggle or few for your Monday and some notes for your own upcoming wedding! Which gallery do you most enjoy seeing? 

What better way to start off then showcasing some lovely 'First' moments? Because, seriously, these are beautiful and make me a little teary-eyed remembering each of these fabulous couples.

First up, we have Christina & Tom's adorable moment together. I can't think of a dreamier location to have a first look - literally on top of a mountain overlooking more mountains at the oh so dreamy Biltmore Estate. Then, once we're thinking that things couldn't be more perfect, Tom sweeps her up and spins her around! 

Dying over here, that was too perfect. 

Mallen & Adam chose to do things a little differently. Still hoping to keep to the traditional aspects of their ceremony, but wanting to share an intimate moment before the wedding, they decided to do a First Touch moment on the top of the Dunhill Inn in downtown Charlotte. Adam kept his eyes closed as she travelled behind him for this memorable and romantic moment. Take just a second to scroll through these photos. Cue the swooning. 

To end all this lovely First Moment goodness, here's the sweet interaction between Samantha and her adoring father. This one was a real tear-jerker. The Charleston sun was so hot, and betweens buttons falling off and unexpected schedule delays, we were still able to squeeze this moment in poolside at the Mills Hotel. And holy moly, isn't his face the sweetest? 

Let's take a break from these pretty moments and look at some stunning details. Kimberly & Brooks sunset wedding and photos were amazing, and time was running short. The sun had just fallen, and we had maybe one minute until the reception was scheduled to begin - and somehow, in the midst of it all, Jeff grabbed this amazing photo. Golden hour is perfect for every occasion! 

Wedding Ring Photos - Woven Strands Photography

Next is this gloriously earthy cake from Sarah & Sterling's Asheville wedding. I love how City Bakery created these details so in line with this couple's vision and style. 

As far as deserts go, sometimes a cake isn't enough. We love how Lindsey & Adrian created a whole dessert table to accompany their cake, complete with utterly charming touches like photos & old mementos. 

Let's switch focus back to Samantha and her incredible dress and accessories. We love how the Mills Hotel so perfectly captures the charm of Downtown Charleston, which was the perfect choice for her wedding. Aren't her vintage touches just charming? 

Hoeverefore the dress could be buttoned we lost one. Although this usually would mean a disaster for any bride, Samantha took the setback with incredible patience while a handy bridesmaid saved the day. I couldn't complain - it gave me extra time to photograph some of these stunning dress details! 

Speaking of breath taking dresses (and awesome go-with-the-flow brides), here's a snap from Kimberly & Brook's winter wedding. Since their wedding was set to take place on a sunny day in South Carolina, we weren't expecting the intense wind and frigid cold that welcomed us back to the Lowcountry. Kimberly was such a natural at embracing the crazy situation and looked so lovely in the process. 

Bridal Fashion - Charleston, SC

Although we love dreamy shots that are just meant to be in black and white, vibrant, colorful scenes will always have our heart. For example, these shots from Sally & Taylor's October wedding make us swoon over that gorgeous color. Literally the most perfect weekend for a fall wedding. 

We also adore these vibrant shots from Sarah & Sterling's early October wedding. With their closest friends by their side, these photos were extra fun to capture as all the giggles happened and special memories shared. 

Some of our favorite shots, though, come from the ceremonies themselves. These 30 minutes are reverent and calm, and witnessing the vows being made and all of the detail the couple put into the day come together so beautifully is truly such an honor. We love these simple moments from Tom & Christina's Wedding at the Biltmore Estate. 

We love when couples highlight what's important to them - below, Kimberly and Brooks said 'I do' before a cross that is a symbol of their faith. 

Religious Outdoor Ceremony in Charleston, SC

Here's more gorgeous fall color for you to feast your eyes on. This good-looking Asheville couple sure helps our cause. 

Speaking of fall colors, we adore these details from Christina & Tom's Biltmore Estate Wedding. Love these deep hues and pretty fairy lights. 

To end on a high note (because all good things must come to an end), here's a few lovely reaction shots from Kyle and Samantha as they dance together as husband and wife for the very first time. Are these not the most sweetest expressions? 

That's a wrap! 2016 was quite the year, with the most amazing couples. We are so excited for all 2017 will bring our way! 

Let us know in the comments what you are most excited for this year! 

October Biltmore Wedding -Woven Strands Photography