Mallen & Adam's Urban-Vintage Winter Wedding - The Dunhill Hotel in Charlotte, North Carolina

It's not every day we get to capture a classy wedding in the heart of Charlotte, North Carolina - so when we added Mallen & Adam's vintage, uptown wedding to our 2016 scheduale we were so excited to switch mountains and greenery for skyscrapers and the hustle & bustle of city living. 


Their wedding did not disappoint. Inside the historic Dunhill Hotel, Mallen & Adam's wedding was a perfect blend of traditional sophistication meets modern class. A great example would be their 'First Touch' moments. Mallen & Adam choose to meet privately, with Adam's eyes closed, to read letters to each other before the ceremony. This gave them a intimate moment to share away from their family and friends, but also continued the tradition of secrecy until the ceremony. 


We especially love this fun little shot we got sneaking the bride & her matron of honor around the building to avoid the groom. Mallen radiated joy all day - she made capturing that smile so easy. 


 Surrounded by their closest friends and family, Mallen & Adam said their vows. Their ceremony was set in a small, quaint room filled with historic charm. Although there were only a few key parts to play, it was evident by the delight on everyone's faces that this wedding was highly anticipated - and that Mallen & Adam were everyone's favorite couple. 


After the emotion-filled ceremony, we had the opportunity to wander Uptown Charlotte with these incredible people. If the bond between friends & family wasn't evident before, it sure became evident now. It was important to Mallen & Adam to include the spouses of their attendants in the photos, and to be naturally themselves. In the midst of an otherwise scheduled day, this break with their closest friends was a perfect way to unwind. 


What else can we say about Mallen & Adam? They felt like old friends we had known forever, and invited us into their day with such grace. Between the serious moments and the more relaxed ones, it became clear just how genuine this couple was, and how perfect they complimented each other. It was truly an honor to be a part of their day. 


As a wedding photographer, we get to try lots of different kinds of food - and the incredible food we had at their wedding would definitely top the list of 'best ever'. If you are ever in the Charlotte area, plan some time to eat at the Asbury - so delicious. Also, can we talk about how classically gorgeous this cake is? 


Following the same family-oriented, joyful vibe that their ceremony had, Mallen & Adam's reception was filled with lots of laughter and sweet, sweet love. One of the highlight moments from the evening was when Mallen pulled her mother aside for a surprise 'Mother-Daughter' dance. 


Mallen & Adam, it was such a pleasure to be a part of your special day! The two of you radiate joy and authenticity. We wish you the very best in your marriage together, and a future full of happiness! 


Venue: The Dunhill Hotel
Caterer: The Asbury
Photographer: Woven Strands Photography
Florist: Harris Teeter, Morrocroft Village
Paper/Stationary: Dizzy Daisy Designs
Dress: Oleg Cassini
Make Up: Charisse Crammer
Hair: Faye Karanikas, Salon P