Kimberly & Brooks Lakeside Winter Wedding - Charleston, South Carolina

Valentines day is tomorrow (can you believe it!?) and in almost perfect timing we're featuring Kimberly & Brooks super romantic winter wedding. It was full of the unexpected- to start their day, we were greeted with extremely strong wind and bitter cold. Of course, that's not exactly the most exciting way to start off a wedding day! Despite the freezing weather and intense wind, their ceremony was one of the sweetest we got to witness in 2016. And goodness- don't get me started on their golden hour couple photos! 


We had the honor of documenting both their engagement session spring of 2016, as well as Kimberly's Bridal Session in the fall. Getting to be a part of two special sessions already made us feel welcomed during their wedding, and helped the photography process run oh so naturally- especially with that crazy wind. 

Although the wind was literally everywhere, Kimberly took it in stride and embraced the unexpected craziness, resulting in some super cute wedding party photos to go alongside the lovely ones!


Their ceremony took place just before sunset, giving us those strong golden tones. As we prepared for the ceremony, we couldn't help but notice the anticipation in the air from both sides of the aisle. Friends kept stealing peeks over their shoulders trying to see the bride before her walk, while others smiled proudly while the bridesmaids made their entrance. 

We especially adore the sweet moments between Kimberly & her father as he gave her away. Father-daughter moments always make us swoon!


After the ceremony, family & friends gathered for some drinks and a much warmer climate inside of the clubhouse. We stole away Kimberly and Brooks for a few moments to capture some golden hour photos, but before we show you that in all it's glory here are some of the details from indoors. I really love how Kimberly added the purple hues to bring color to a winter wedding, and we're huge fans of their candy table - and so was Benjamin, brother of the bride!


When we steal our couples away for some shots of just the two of them, there's lots of genuine laughter. There's something about just getting married (yay!) that makes everyone a little extra giggly & a little extra happy - making bad jokes funnier and intense wind downright magical. 


The magic lasted all through the night. Their connection, if not already so evident, became even more noticeable during their first dance as husband and wife. We also loved seeing for the first time the 'Shoe Game' tradition. Friends, if you're looking for a fun way to engage your guests before the food is ready, consider adding a fun game to keep people laughing and on their toes! 


Kimberly & Brooks, it has been an immense honor going through the wedding process with you. You both shine to everyone around you, and being your photographers has simply been a joy. We send you our absolute best for the years ahead!