Emily & Josh's DIY Rainy-day Backyard Wedding - Greenville, South Carolina

When I talked to Emily for the first time just two months before her wedding, I knew this was one we couldn't miss out on. She described to me a low-key, family-oriented wedding set to take place in their backyard with their closest family and friends. It was everything she said - plus more! Emily & Josh not only make the perfect pair (and their story is one you got to stay tuned for!), but also have such a contagious vibrancy for life and humor- and created their wedding day to fit them, and not the other way around. 


Their love story isn't one that happened over night- it was many years in the making. Although they originally met in high-school, they didn't tie the knot until time had passed. "We were wild together so our parents separated us from our Bonnie and Clyde relationship," Emily says. Over the years, they would bump into each other off and on, but it wasn't until Josh finally reached out to her to meet up... "and as they say, the rest is history." 


Their wedding day was hand-crafted from the ground up. Emily's mother spend hours creating their ceremony arch, and the close family and friends rallied together to create a dreamy oasis in the backyard of their first home together. 


The only problem that came was the rain. 

It didn't just sprinkle, oh no, it was poured out from the high heaves gallons of rain. Fortunately, they rented some tents for a 'Plan B', but the house itself wasn't big enough to fit all of their guests & hold the ceremony inside. After delaying the wedding in hopes it would die down, they decided to go ahead and get married- no matter the weather! Tents were put together and chairs were moved- but despite the unexpected changes that had to happen, it didn't take away one bit from the sweet moments of their ceremony. 

You can definitely tell the love that went into the details of the reception. Everything was thought over time and time again! 

Don't let the First Dance photos fool you - although Emily & Josh are adorable, they also had a trick up their sleeve! Halfway into the song, they broke out into '500 Miles' by The Proclaimers and started a conga line, forcing all their guests to dance along! Easily one of the funnest things we've ever been a part of at a wedding. 

In case you needed any more proof how fun (and adorable) Josh & Emily are, here they are cutting the cake. In rain. Yes, that's right, it poured during cake cutting too. 


One of our favorite things about this entire wedding was that Josh and Emily choose for it to take place at their home- not a 'official' venue of any kind. This made the whole day feel a bit more intimate, a bit more lively, a bit more free. 

"We bought our house almost 3 years ago and ever since purchasing it we have poured our heart and soul into it. It only made sense that the place we're going to spend our lives raising our children and being together is where it should all begin."  

What better reason to choose a place to wed. <3 

As you may have noticed by now (you're far enough along!), Emily changed from her wedding dress shortly after the ceremony. That's just one of the many things we loved about this bride- super authentic and not up for any hassle. Isn't she just radiant!? 

Despite the dreariness of the day, the party didn't stop! By this point, everyone was soaking we anyway- so might as well dance a little, eh? 

In all the rain and dancing and celebrations, there was one moment in particular that warmed our hearts- Emily dancing with her son, Isaac. How sweet is this? 


We are so grateful to Emily & Josh for allowing us to be a part of their special day. Thank you for letting us share these special moments with your family. Being a part of your day was truly so much fun! 

This vendor list is especially special. Nearly every single person who played a role in their wedding was either related or a friend. Creating Emily & Josh's outdoor oasis was really a labor of love! Can we give some major props for this awesome crew making their day so magical?!

Venue: The Bride & Groom's Home
Florist:  Nikki Duncan - Bride's Mother
Cake: Judy Baxley - Bride's Aunt
DJ: Ash with ProsOnlyDJ 
Makeup: Katie Jennings - Bride's Cousin
Hair: Tricia Milici with Head 2 Toe Salon - Couple's Friend
Groom's Wear: Kohls
Bridal Gown: Charles and Tennys
Officiant: Thomas Faulkner - Josh's Father
Invitations: Shutterfly