Sam & Keith's Golden Hour Engagement Session - Biltmore Estate, Asheville North Carolina

We met this dynamic couple for the first time at the Biltmore Estate. It was the perfect day- sunny skies, a cool mountain breeze, and not a cloud in sight.  The company was even sweeter. 

World, meet Sam & Keith. 


Sam and Keith are a dream - easy to work with, easy to talk with. It was clear from the very beginning just how much they loved each other. In the middle of direction (and the moments in between), Keith couldn't stop stealing glimpses and smiles at his beautiful bride. Being with her seemed to be his favorite thing. You can't get more romantic than that! 


Um, don't they look incredible?!  

These two met working as nurses at Duke. Originally, Sam didn't know what to think of Keith - they were applying for the same job the first time they met, and at the time she had more experience under her belt and knew the ropes. But over time, Keith won her over - and nearly 6 years later he still knows how to make her laugh. 

They choose to have their session take place at the Biltmore Estate- famous for it's mansion and incredible mountain views. Although the gardens & mansion is the main appeal for many out-of-town guests, Sam and Keith know that magic lies all over the estate, not just the main attractions. While waiting for the perfect golden-hour sun, we explored more the simpler parts of the Estate to reconnect with nature. 

If you've been following us for a long time, you know that golden hour is a big deal for us. We love pretty light, and in our opinion those last few minutes before sunset are the absolute greatest. We had pretty much finished up wandering around, and the light wasn't *quite* what we were hoping for on the South Terrace of the Biltmore. Together, the four of us waited for that sun to reach that sweet spot of golden hour. I think we can all agree that it did not disappoint! 

The Biltmore is a special place for Sam and Keith. Throughout their relationship, the mountains have been an escape for them. They would often drive over on day trips or overnights to escape into all the scenic Asheville had to offer. The Biltmore is one of their favorite places to visit together. 

We are so excited to be a part of Sam and Keith's whimsical wedding day this October here in Asheville!