Underrated First Dance Songs

We have some more incredible weddings coming your way, but as we're completing the finishing touches on some, I had to share with you some of our favorite First Dance Songs. Okay, we've never actually *heard* these songs used at a wedding before, but that's what makes them such great choices! 


If you're looking for some unique First Dance songs, you are in the right place! Or, even if you want to expand your music collection... this is for you too. ;)   

So go ahead - open up your Spotify to hear the full song (or click the links to Apple Music to purchase them!), and enjoy some romantic loveliness. 

The Icarus Account - All My Love

The Icarus are a acoustic brother duo from Lakeland, Florida. We first heard of them through Jeff's older brother, who actually went to college with them when they first started making music. Now, years later, they are still making music- and we're huge fans of their laid-back style and raw, romantic lyrics.  

Ben Rector - Forever Like That

If you're looking for a slightly more upbeat but still reflective First Dance song, Ben Rector is a great choice. Singing about the beautiful honesty of spending forever together he couples his usually fun, poppy style with a acoustic sound to create a really thoughtful piece. 

Clarensau - Dance With Me

Clarensau sings accompanied with acoustic and drips with fun,  positive lyrics about moving forward together in a relationship. If you two aren't ones to be incredibly lovey-dovey or reflective (or would just prefer to avoid that in the spotlight!) this beautiful song is the perfect choice. 

Us The Duo - Better Together 

Are you looking to have fun during your first dance? This quirky, upbeat duet is the perfect choice for the couples that want to twirl and spin and have no time for something slow. Us The Duo is, you guessed it, a duet with gorgeous harmonies and vocal twists. Definitely give them a chance for a unique First Dance Song! 

Jenny & Tyler - As Long As Our Hearts Are Beating

Okay, this one I am a little biased towards- Jeff and I danced to this during our First Dance just over three years ago. To this day, Jenny and Tyler as still one of my all-time favorite artists, and this song forever dear to my heart. In this gorgeous duet with smooth harmonies, Jenny & Tyler  create a visionary masterpiece with their lyrics and unforgettable sound. 

Let us know in the comments - what song did you have your First Dance too? What romantic songs are your favorite to play during a rainy day? 

In no way are we sponsored by or affiliated with these aforementioned artists. Just sharing some of our favorite tunes!