Brittany & Josh's Outdoor Spring Wedding | The Farm at Brusharbor, Concord North Carolina

Wow, where to begin with Brittany & Josh's rustic outdoor wedding? Easily one of the most genuine couples we have ever met, Brittany and Josh just radiate joy. Grab your cup of coffee and get cozy, this is going to be a long (and gorgeous) one! 


First off, let me introduce Brittany and Josh to you. Although they didn't know each other yet, their best friends were dating each other and it just seemed natural for them to meet. This summer, their friends were making their annual beach trip and wanted Brittany and Josh to come along - and finally meet each other. 

"We decided we would meet prior to the beach trip, because why not? The "first date" on July 17th didn't exactly go as planned, and our previously lengthy text conversations fizzled out and it seemed like nothing would come of it all." Josh told us. Although they didn't think anything was in the cards romantically for them, they went ahead and joined their friends at the beach a few weeks later. "Just conversing and laughing and getting lost during our 4 hour trip made our first sub par meeting seem like an afterthought. Things clicked during the car ride as they had in our text messages all along. Following the beach trip we decided to see each other again, and not long after that, we couldn't keep away from each other." 

We're extra thankful that they gave each other a second chance this morning, because LOOK at these photos and just how adorable they are together!


Brittany and Josh are just seamless together. It seemed like laughter was laced around every moment, and genuine gratitude for each other. They didn't let the many aspects and traditions of a wedding dominate their day - they focused solely on each other. 


When we pulled into the Farm at Busharbor, I was bouncing up and down in my seat. It was much bigger then we initially thought, and all the extra details Brittany and Josh put into their day were just beautiful. 


Brittany and Josh have nothing but good to say about this rustic, outdoorsy venue - it was exactly what they hoped for. "We looked at a few other venues in the area, but Brusharbor was the very first one that we checked out. After seeing it, it made it hard for all of the other ones to compare. It is such a nice facility and the people there are amazing. The overall appearance, the wonderful family who owns and operates it, and the fact that it was in the town that we live in made it an easy choice."

One of our favorite things Brittany chose to do on her wedding day was a 'First Look' with all of her bridesmaids. We always love it when our couples choose to do this- it's just one more special memory you'll forever cherish with them. 


Although we are huge advocates of First Looks and recommend them to all of our couples, sometimes they just aren't the right choice. Brittany and Josh chose to do a 'First Touch' instead, where they stood together and read privately letters to each other. The emotion and memory here can be just as powerful. 


For Brittany and Josh, waiting for that initial walk down the aisle was one of the best choices they could have made. Brittany would agree. "I would have to say my favorite memory of that day would be the look on Josh's face as I walked down the aisle. There were so many emotions running through my mind as I was walking towards him, but as soon as I saw the smile on his face I knew that I was ready. I was ready to spend the rest of my life with this man and knew that I couldn't wait to be called his wife and start this new adventure of life with him"

I get a little teary eyed reading Josh's favorite moments. "We normally don't like any attention on us whatsoever, but looking back, I don't mind being the center of attention for a day (mainly on Brittany). She certainly was deserving of it and was such a beautiful bride that I am fortunate enough to now call my wife. For me, that was the best memory, being pronounced husband and wife, and getting to kiss the bride!" 


Brittany's description was just as perfect. "Hands down our wedding day was the best day of my life. Everything was perfect from having all of our loved ones there watching us commit ourselves to one another to everyone cutting a rug on the dance floor." 


At sunset, we like to pull our couples away and take some beautiful, golden-tone portraits. It's our favorite part of every single wedding we do. At this time, we ask our couples to reminisce about their relationship and dream about their future. Later, Josh and Brittany shared the details of their engagement with us - and it might be the cutest thing ever! 

Josh schemed and planned for a surprise 'date' at Raffaldini Vineyards. "I suspect Brittany knew what was going to happen, but I contended that this was set up as a surprise date. We snacked on fruit and cheese and drank our favorite wine, but the moment drew closer and I was getting nervous. I asked her to stand up and told her how much she means to me before I dropped to one knee and asked the question. She said yes and our lives were changed forever."


Brittany and Josh, it was an absolute honor to photograph your wedding! We know you two are a rockstar pair, and are thrilled to have been a part of your special day. We know there are good things coming your way!  


Venue: The Farm at Busharbor
Florist: Chelish Moore
Caterer: Berry Scrumptious
Cake: Angela James
DJ: Split Second Sound
Hair & Make Up: Sweet Magnolia Beauties
Wedding Party Formals: Concord Wedding Center
Bridal Gown: Concord Wedding Center
Officiant: Pastor Jim Lytle
Invitations and Calligraphy Artist: Sweetest Beginnings