Ali's Bridal Session at Old Sherrill's Inn | Fairview, NC

Ali and Nick celebrated their wedding day just this past weekend at Old Sherrill's Inn in Fairview, North Carolina- and friends, it was such a beautiful wedding! Filled with a lot of laughter (and a lot of tears), their wedding day encompassed everything we knew it would - a strong emphasis on friends, on family, on building a life together. We has a hunch it might value those things because we had the absolute joy of photographing Ali's bridal portraits at Old Sherrill's Inn just just a few weeks before. With her mama by her side, we laughed together and talked together about her upcoming wedding day.  


Before the session, everything was looking perfect- the weather was calling for clear, sunny skies and that perfect high of 75. But just as these mountains tend to do sometimes, deep heavy rainclouds started rolling in unexpectedly just an hour or so before the session. By the time we met at Sherrill's Inn, the sky was dark and raindrops were already trickling down. Ali didn't let the dark clouds dampen her spirits. Together, we wandered the empty, rain soaked property, finding dry spots to take photos and imagining what her wedding day would be like here in just a few weeks (spoiler: it absolutely exceeded our expectations). 

When the rain got too heavy, we ducked under the gorgeous, long southern porch to keep from totally soaking her dress and to snag a few more of this incredible mountain view (absolutely worth the little detour). Plus, this little space embodied the historic charm of Ali's choosen venue. Full of little trinkets, antique chairs, and some shabby-chic decor, this porch was the perfect hideaway as the rain fell heavy.

Who am I kidding - the entirety of the property carried this charm. Once the rain let up, we wandered through the muddied walkways to find space for more vibrant, joyful photos. Getting this low-key, slow paced time with our couples (whether individually or together) is always a favorite for us. The wedding day can move by so incredibly quickly, still allowing for meaningful conversation in a much briefer context. During these sessions, we're able to dive into questions, hear the backstory, and enjoy the gift of ample time. For example, Ali and her mother got to share a bit of their family history with us, and their experience as a family who has lived in the Asheville area for generations who often came back to visit even when they moved away. That makes this choosen venue of Sherrill's Inn even more special, capturing just a piece of Ali's past in a gorgeous location.

Ali is everything we hope for in a bride - full of laughter and cheer, but caring and quick to share love. We watched her on her wedding day show kindness, utilizing the most beautiful mix of new and old traditions to honor and show gratefulness for each and every one of her guests. Her family and friends would tell you she is the most caring person they have met - and every bit of her actions and words show it. 

Nick and Ali make the perfect pair. Ali, fun-loving and kind; Nick gentle and quick to smile. For one final stop during her session, we walked to the site of her soon-to-be ceremony to snag a few photos in the very place she would say 'I Do." This ending moment is one of my very favorites from her session, embodying every dream she had for her wedding day and the future they hold together. 

Ali, it was such a joy getting to spend some extra time with you! Every moment spent with you and Nick has been time well spent. We wish you both every bit of happiness - and can't wait to share your wedding photos!