Iris & Michael's Urban Engagement Session | Asheville, North Carolina

You'll know Iris and Michael right away - follow the sound of laughter and bright streaks of color, and there they'll be. Guys, this couple's drive for life is just contagious, and the way they share it with each other is absolute perfection. After spending the evening with them, there's absolutely no doubt in my mind that these two were made for each other; it's evident in every way shared together and every word they spoke. 


Together, we wandered forgotten, overgrown parts of urban Asheville that these two held dear. We got to drive by the area briefly before our session, but we so enjoyed wandering this desolate space with a couple who knew it well, following their footsteps to more color and more texture and unpredictable golden glow. I'm convinced that there couldn't have been a better place to have photographed this couple - a place filled with the same vibrant, unique vibe that Iris and Michael carry with them so authentically.

At first, the skies threatened to rain, holding heavy, overcast clouds. Although this is so typical of Asheville and the surrounding mountains, it never actually rained- but yet we still reaped the benefits from the wet earth. The colors felt deeper, the ground full of fresh light. When the sun finally poked through, it seemed to complete the picture (literally), giving us needed warmth and the best excuse to trudge through mud and dirt. 

These two have a way of making you feel like you've always known them. They invited us into their story, sharing their journey with us as we wandered this forgotten place. No hesitations, no hiding of who they were; just truly Iris and Michael. It doesn't hurt that they are absolutely perfect together - how sweet is it when they come together!? 

(they are so pretty, it hurts).

As the sun slowly set, we got to take a few photos with Michael's film camera for them and catch the final, sunset glow. Even with the sun almost fully set, it was hard to hide the bright color this place holds. 

Michael and Iris, it was an absolutely joy getting to photograph you! Getting to be a part of your together story is so special, and I am so absolutely excited for your wedding day this October! I'm so pumped to make more magic together.  

amazing rock-solid skirt: The Tying Alchemist