Lindsey & Seth's Whimsical Mountainside Wedding | Lake Eden, Asheville

It's not every day that we get the chance to meet a bride and groom before the wedding, but with Lindsey & Seth things were different. Not only were we able to do an engagement session with them at the Biltmore Estate, but we also got to tour their venue together in the worst of circumstances - with pouring, freezing rain in the early spring! Once their wedding day arrived, we felt like we were photographing friends instead of clients. 


Lindsey & Seth are from South Carolina, but knew from the beginning that they wanted an outdoor wedding. Actually, that was Seth's idea - Lindsey insists it was his one request. But they knew that a summer, outdoor wedding at either of their hometowns (Columbia and Charleston) would be much to hot at nearly 100 degrees. So they started looking in the mountains.

When they found Lake Eden, Lindsey knew it was the perfect fit. "I grew up going to a summer camp in Asheville, which was owned by the same family who now owns Lake Eden," Lindsey shared. 


This ares is special to Lindsey, for reasons besides her camp experience. Not only did Lindsey spend her summers there, but her brother also spent summers at a camp adjoining the Lake Eden property. Also importantly, her mother would join Lindsey at the camp to teach activities, do office work, and a variety of other things. "Asheville and Black Mountain have always been happy places for me and my family, full of good memories that remind me of my mom." 

Years later, this area would be the first place Seth and Lindsey would visit together. 


Before the wedding, Lindsey and Seth snuck away for a private and intimate First Look. With excited guests already poking around to see Lindsey in her dress, we led the couple to a tucked-away bridge behind the main house.


I absolutely love Lindsey's choice of color and style for their wedding party. Formal with a touch of cocktail party flair, the neutral but happy tones are the perfect compliment to their outdoor wedding. 

One of our favorite parts of their ceremony was when the Maid of Honor read aloud 'How Falling in Love is Like Owning a Dog'. An adorable poem that doesn't shy away from both the beauty and pain of love, her reading brought both laughter and tears. 


Throughout her wedding, Lindsey was kind and gracious. Her story with Seth is absolutely beautiful (more on that later), but you would have never guessed the hardships she faced based on her radiating joy on that day. Isn't that smile simply contagious!?  

Seth must have thought so too, and it didn't take long for him to realize she was going to be the one for him. Their first date was at a beer festival, which was all Lindsey's idea- and in her words "apparently impressed Seth". I mean, beer brings people together, right? Lucky for us it brought these two together quickly!

Let's talk more about this power couple for a second. Lindsey's one of the strongest brides we know, and her story is worth talking about. In February 2016, Lindsey was diagnosed with breast cancer - the same thing that had taken her mother away just under two years before. At the time, her relationship with Seth was less then a year old, and was long distance at that. 

Despite the newness, despite the distance, Seth "was an absolute rock" for Lindsey through some of the hardest months. Lindsey wrote to me - "He gave up a really great job and left his family and friends in Charleston to move to Columbia to be with me. The wedding made it official, but he had already lived those vows for me, and it was important to me to make that promise back to him (though hopefully we're done with the sickness part and it's only health from here on out!). I'm tearing up just thinking about it now!" 

Knowing just a glimpse of their story and getting to see their love in person makes their wedding day even more special. We're so happy for this incredible couple!

Now, normally we don't share nearly this many photos of food- but oh my goodness, doesn't this look amazing or what!? This fabulous cake (thanks to Publix bakeries) was the perfect show-stopper right as you walked into the reception tent. 

As for this sweetheart table- would you believe those flowers are completely DIY? Lindsey put together the bouquet and the table settings were done by her cousins. Isn't the end result swoon-worthy?

Before the reception really got crankin', Lindsey & Seth brought out their sweet dogs to join the fun. As I'm sure you can imagine, they brought so much life to the party! 


Actually, these pups got to be the very special and sole witnesses to Seth's proposal. One their first year anniversary, Seth asked Lindsey to marry him in the intimacy of their home together - no fuss, no pressure, with their two sweet dogs right there with them. I just love that!  Of course, the two celebrated later with some of their closest friends at a beer festival - the same one from their first date, naturally!

Special thanks to Rebecca Westbrooke and Brittany McCallister for their weekend-of coordinating. "They took everything I had planned and crafted up to that point and actually made it a reality."

Venue: Lake Eden Event Center
Florist: Fifty Flowers, DIY'd by Lindsey, Brittany McCallister and Kellie McCallister
Cake: Publix Bakery
DJ: Craig from Remix Weddings
Hair: Kat Langston from Bombshell Beauty Studio
Make up: Kellie McCallister
Bridesmaid Dresses: J.Crew and Nouvelle Amsale
Bridal Gown: Wtoo by Watters from Adore Bridal Boutique
Officiant: Rev. Katherine Blackburn
Signage and Calligraphy: DIY'ed by the bride