Patterson & Kevin at The Ridge | Asheville, NC

It's easy to see why Patterson and Kevin choose Asheville for their destination wedding. The mountains that surround this city hold holds sweet sentiment for Patterson, born and raised in WNC, and has absolutely the most picturesque views that even people who have no ties to the area choose to hold their weddings here. Even though rain threatened to fall all day, there was never a single drop (well, except on the drive to the reception!), and the couple certainly didn't let it dampen their spirits!


First of all, let's look a few of the details, shall we? Patterson got ready at The Ridge's gorgeous and drop-dead stunning bridal suit; the perfect location to snag a few shots of her accessories. Although the overcast sky hid a lot of the natural light, it was just filtered enough to give us some perfectly moody detail shots. 

I always love being able to photograph at least a few moments of the getting ready photos. The anticipation is high, and tears threatening to fall. With her mother by her side and her girlfriends watching from just a few feet away, Patterson put on her final touches to prepare for her first look with Kevin. 

With the backdrop of the mountains, we walked up the steep hill to meet Jeff and Kevin at the top. When I asked Patterson why she choose the Ridge, the answer was simple. "The mountains and Asheville are home for me, and when I saw The Ridge I instantly knew it was perfect. To make it even more special I was raised about 10 miles from the venue, so we got married in "my" mountains, the ones I actually grew up looking at every single day." 

Although their day was filled with the sweetest moments and personal touches, one of their favorites include this red bench. Patterson tells about this keepsake best - "When Kevin asked me to be his girlfriend we were sitting on a red bench by the lake. Exactly one year later, he asked me to be his wife on the same bench. It became our spot to sit and talk every time we went." With such sentimental value attached to it, Patterson was hoping to be able to use the bench as decoration in their new home. But, as soon as she went to get it - It was gone. "I was heartbroken and Kevin did everything he could to try and find it. Fast forward to our rehearsal dinner and my parents surprised us with it. They had my aunt engrave plaques with our 'making it official' and proposal dates and placed them on the arms of the bench." Long story short, "it came from a elderly couple who had been married for around 50 years and were ecstatic for us to have it."


It's not every day that you get a story like that, right?! 

Before the ceremony, We still had a bit of time left to capture the full wedding party photos. What you don't see: Jeff completely kneeling under the ceremony tent to get these shots! Because of the forecast for rain, the ceremony site was covered, but it would have been a shame not to get these views at The Ridge for the wedding party! Keeping everyone tight and cozy, we were able to grab these photos as their long-time friends and family celebrated with them.  

Once it came time for the ceremony, everyone buzzed with excitement. But one moment was intentionally carved out and specifically planned - the processional songs from 'the Sound of Music'. Patterson shared, "My grandparents, especially my Nana, used to watch it with us when we were younger. It has been my favorite movie ever since. My Nana now has dementia, but music is one thing that continues to be very special to her. She still watches the movie and sings along. I knew I wanted to include that special memory and the processional music was the perfect way to do it." 

"My other favorite memory was from our ceremony," Patterson shared with me. "We asked Kevin's dad to offer a blessing over our marriage before we were pronounced husband and wife. He joined us, placed his arms around us and asked God's blessing over our future together. It was one of the most sweet and special moments."


Patterson and Kevin wanted to do a bubble exit in the day to include all of their friends and family, since some of them were unable to attend the reception. With their loved ones surrounding them, they ran down the row with the happiest, most colorful send off choice. 

One thing that's hard to write into words is the atmosphere we felt during their day - every moment, every hour. Even in the in-between moments (getting ready, waiting for the ceremony, walking by each other), there was laughter and hugs and a few tears, too. It was evident by everyone surrounding them that Patterson and Kevin are deeply loved- and deeply intentional about sharing that love right back. Every piece of their wedding had moments (whether the processional songs, the red bench, her mother helping her dress, etc) rooted in meaning, in tradition, in relationships. Those kind of moments? Those are the most memorable.


Choosing the Capital Club for their reception venue also had a lot of sentiment behind it. Growing up nearby, Patterson spent many days with her family in downtown Asheville - shopping, eating, exploring. "The Capital Club has amazing views of both the mountains and downtown Asheville. The reception venue combined both of my favorite parts of home into one."

With these amazing views surrounding them, Patterson and Kevin danced together, newly wed. 

For just five minutes, we got to sneak them away at the would-be sunset time for a few more photos. Even for a brief amount of time, I love capturing the couple in their own, private element. Because honestly, even with loved ones a few feet away, the moment is so private, so collected - it's a chance to just simply be together. Patterson and Kevin had no problem being close and sharing laughter; being together? It's just like second nature. 

I absolutely love their together story the way Patterson tells it. Some people are just meant for each other! "Kevin and I had met each other about three years before I moved to Jacksonville, AL, but we didn't think anything of it. He was a graduate assistant for the football team at Jacksonville State University and I babysat during the Summers for his head coach, John. For three years John kept trying to get us together. He would talk each of us up to the other, but it never worked out for one reason or another. The year after I moved there things started to fall into place for us. John's constant nagging of Kevin to ask me out finally worked and we clicked instantly. It was totally a God thing."

"When we look back at the whole experience, and our lives, there were so many things that happened that we didn't quite understand at the time, but God did. He knew that we would wind up together and He was already creating our story. For some reason a TN guy and NC girl wound up in a small town in AL and fell in love. There's no other way to explain it, except with God. We started dating on March 20, 2016 and exactly one year later he proposed at Lake Hartwell, SC."


Patterson and Kevin, what a joy it was to be a part of your day! It's evident to everyone who has been touched by your lives that you've always been meant to be together. To wrap up your beautiful, intention-filled day, I thought it fitting to share a few verses from the same music your Nana would sing along with, the same music that brought y'all down the aisle; 

"For here you are standing there, loving me;
Whether or not you should.
So somewhere in my youth or childhood
I must have done something good"

- the Sound of Music; Rodgers and Hammerstein

ceremony venue: The Ridge Asheville
reception venue: The Capital Club of Asheville
coordinator: Julie with Pinnacle Events
videographer: Trust Falls Productions
florist: Ray's Florist and Greenhouse
catering: Twisted Laurel
dj: Sandy with Sound Extreme
makeup: AnaRie
hair: Hair and Makeup by Kendra Jane
officiant: Carlton Weathers
gown: Essense of Australia from White Lace and Promises
tuxes: Calvin Klien from Mens Wearhouse