Sally's College of Charleston Bridal Photos

This past weekend, we had the incredible honor + joy of photographing Sally & Josh on their wedding day at Magnolia Gardens in Charleston. Although we can't share the photos just yet, I am so thrilled to finally be able to share her gorgeous bridal photos taken in Downtown Charleston just a few months prior! Sally was absolutely glowing the entire day, and was absolutely a blast to get to know. These are just of the few joyful images we were able to capture of her that day. 


Bridal sessions are different from engagement sessions and the wedding couple photos for one big reason - it's about 90 minutes of one-on-one focus. We don't spend 90 minutes solely on anything at any other time! Although that might sound intimidating to have the focus only on you for that long, it's always the sweetest time. Getting to know Sally in this focused, dedicated minutes was just the most beautiful thing. 

In those 90 minutes, we got to meet Sally. Like, truly meet her beyond a hello and beyond her love. We learned that she is one of the sweetest, most kind-hearted souls. Her laughter is magical and she's always up for a little bit of fun - no matter how crazy it may seem. 


Maybe that's why Josh and her are just the perfect pair - both so vibrant and full of life, but a perfect balance of calm and wild. These two have something special together - but I'm getting way ahead of myself! 

As an artist herself, Sally's attention to detail is impeccable. I feel like you can see this especially well in her taste when it comes to her dress and the simple, beautiful details she choose to accompany it. 


Sally, being so involved throughout your wedding process has been an absolute blast. You've made our job so much fun and I have loved getting to know you and witnessing these beautiful moments of your life. Absolutely stoked to share the wedding photos! 

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