Sarah & Josh's Downtown Asheville Engagement Session

I've been so excited to share Josh and Sarah's engagement photos with y'all since the day we took them in downtown Asheville! Friends, engagement sessions are ALWAYS a blast - and don't let anyone tell you otherwise. Josh and Sarah's was especially so, their personalities so joyful and vibrant. Wandering the city with these two was just fun.


We met Sarah and Josh right outside of Lexington Avenue Brewery. Hitting the streets on a Saturday evening, I was afraid the brewery would be too busy to have much room for us. Fortunately we made it out just before the dinner crowd and had the entire outdoor patio to ourselves! Lexington Avenue Brewery was the best environment to kick off this session before we wandered further in Asheville. I mean, what better way to let loose and get comfortable than with beer in hand and your love by your side? 

To be honest, though, photographing these two were easy, it felt like reconnecting with long-time friends. These two have a way of making you feel like you can fully be yourself. Josh was quick with jokes and witty comments on hand, and Sarah just glowed every time he made her laugh (which was often). To spend any amount of time getting to know these two and their story is time well spent. 

One of the many reasons people love Asheville is because it's historic charm and artistic meets quirky vibe. Downtown is filled with fun store fronts, fab doors, and gorgeous architecture, some of the best you'll find only after strolling up and down the rolling downtown streets. One of my favorite little 'quirks' has always been this adorable painted sign - 'Sweet Peas Hostel'. For such an adorable, fun loving pair, it only made sense to get a cheesy photo by this cute space!


When the couple and moment perfectly combine, you sometimes just roll with it. Josh and Sarah are full of laughter and joy - how cute do they shine here? Although we are all about a smile and keeping things lighthearted, we also appreciate the little, more thoughtful moments. Without a real plan in place, we navigated our way down Church Street to find more historic architecture and less crowded walkways. 

Now, we love urban sessions - there is something irreplaceably gritty and down-to-earth that a Asheville's atmosphere holds. But sometimes with all those buildings you don't really get that warm, sun-lit glow we love. Fortunately we found a piece of it with Sarah and Josh - a bit of sun on a empty corner tucked away on Church Street. It was also a nice break from the chilly wind that seemed to sweep it's way through the streets! 

Gotta love that warm and lovely sun. 

After getting that gorgeous glow, it seemed to follow us to our next destination: the famous double decker coffeehouse bus right off of Biltmore Avenue. We bought some real coffee to keep us warm while Josh and Sarah showed off some coffee mugs that had meaning for them. As avid coffee drinkers, they thought it would be fun to include Sarah's love for Harry Potter, as well of course their excitement to come Mr. and Mrs in their home state of North Carolina. 

It was the perfect spot to warm up and get cozy- light-filled, warm photos in a space that utterly represented the couple. Although we don't provide any props or things to add to an engagement session, we do encourage our couples that if they want to incorporate something meaningful that represents them and who they are, then absolutely go for it! Josh and Sarah did a beautiful job choosing items that were genuine to who they are and that played a piece of storytelling. 

We ended our night in a tucked away alley Josh had noticed earlier. With fairy lights and  and the dusk of twilight, it seemed like the perfect, private place for them to pull out Josh's guitar and have a bit of fun together. 


If you've fallen a bit in love with Sarah and Josh through this session, you're not alone- we did, too! I have good news for y'all - this couple will be gracing our camera's again this December for their wedding in Hickory, North Carolina - and we absolutely are so excited. 

Thanks, new friends, for hanging out with us in one of our favorite cities!