Welcoming 2015

The years are seriously flying by so fast. It seems like every year moves a bit quicker- and to top it off, they all hold a little bit more crazy. This year, our 'crazy' was our photography business. Almost three months after our wedding, we dreamed up this little project expecting little and have been blown away by the people who have trusted us enough to document major moments of their life.  We feel that's reason to celebrate! 

Our first wedding took place in Coudersport, PA. What was meant to be a family vacation celebrating the marriage of Joel & Meredith turned into the opportunity of a lifetime for Jeff + I. We had just finished the process of becoming a 'official business' (you know, all the works) and wasn't expecting to even consider documenting a wedding until July of 2015. So to say we were surprised (and a lot nervous) when the opportunity came to document the Hannon Wedding is a understatement. We had less than 24 hours to plan, research, and pace around our hotel room to make a timeline, find some poses, and pray that we were doing everything right. 


The other gigs we had in the beginning was also family. Hey, we had to build a portfolio and really were clueless on how to start! Despite the fact that for a month everyone on our website looked like us, we had a blast capturing the people we love doing fun things! (And hey, Caleb and Kara are engaged now so we are so excited! But that's for later).  

But, praise the Lord some families saw something in our look-a-like portfolio and took a leap of faith to ask us to photograph their family for out-of-town relatives and Christmas cards. We couldn't have been more honored to be a small part of the many wonderful stories we heard from these families.  

And then, the weddings! Oh my goodness, we are doubly excited and honored for the couples who choose us to document the amazing promise of marriage! From beautiful beach weddings to a Catholic Ceremony, we were so blessed to document such variety. Even better, each couple we worked with had such unique, fun personalities that (dare I say?) out-shined their wedding day. 

We ended the year with a fabulous bang, documenting 2 engagement sessions and a beautiful proposal! 


So, for us, 2014 has been a dream come true. We are so grateful to each and every person who has made it possible, for every consultation, page view, and inquiry. Without YOU, we would not be where we are today! 

2015 has a lot in store for us. We're evaluating our goals and re-visiting our values & dreams for our company. We're all about having fun, dreaming big, and just doing life with people all over. So definitely keep up with our social media and personal blog to discover a lot of the behind- the- scenes to what's going on to make this young couples dream of a business a reality! 

So... what are your dreams for the New Year? What inspires you to act boldly, be creative, and challenge yourself beyond what you've imagined? Find those inspirations and act upon them. You never know, 2015 can be your best year yet! 
Here's to awesome possibilities!