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Sarah Grace & Sterling's Relaxed Outdoor Wedding - Asheville, NC

Sarah Grace & Sterling's Relaxed Outdoor Wedding - Asheville, NC

Sarah Grace & Sterling's fall wedding is one I have been dying to share. To them, the perfect wedding wasn't about the latest trends or keeping up with the Joneses, it was about creating a casual atmosphere of celebration with their closest family and friends. Even better, their perfect day took place in the very region that started their love story - the mountains of Western North Carolina, right outside of Asheville. 

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Kimberly & Brooks | Timeless Charleston Engagement Session

Engagement photos mark the very beginning of a lifetime of commitment, and are as organic to your personalities as you can get. Mesh that with a relaxed environment in a location of your choice, and you're guaranteed memories for a lifetime. Kimberly & Brooks' garden session was no different.

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The word I would use to describe this couple's love would have to be 'timeless.' It was evident from our first meeting with them that their love had a certain maturity and contentment that is unique. Needless to say, Mepkin Abbey- a monastery and garden venue stuck in time- was the perfect location for this classy couple.

Can we also talk about for a second their fantastic color coordination? The blues look so good against the greenery in the gardens, which really makes them subtly pop. Plus, Brooks' striped shirt adds so much texture.

And don't get me started on the beautiful light! Mepkin Abbey is always a killer location, but this Friday evening sunset was just perfect.

We are so excited for their lakeside November wedding! Winter can't come soon enough!

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Mother's Day

Today is a special day. 

Throughout the years, our moms and grandmoms have done so much for us that it's really impossible to ever celebrate them too much, which is why today is so amazing and so important. From changing our first dirty diaper to helping us plan our dream wedding- whether on a budget or with room to spend- our mothers have been here to guide us and encourage us.

Our moms were our best friends, our example of what a good wife looks like, our cheerleaders and main support. From killin' it on the dance floor to watching us walk down the aisle, they taught us how to be flexible in life and enjoy the moments.

So moms, today we celebrate YOU. 

We celebrate your patience. Patience in pregnancy, in waiting for us. Patience in our late nights and rebellious period. Patience through the entire wedding planning process, whether it was three months or three years.

Your unconditional love amazes us. Whether or not you were a perfect mom doesn't matter - because honestly, nobody is- because you created a beautiful story. Every adult was once a child, a child that you gave life to. We are stories that our mothers influenced and shaped. What greater honor is there?

The wedding process is beautiful, yet emotional. Many of us are grateful that we had our mothers to lean on- for guidance, for a shoulder to cry on, for a second opinion. Those of us who have since lost you, dear mother, cherish these memories even more.

To some of us, though, our 'moms' aren't biological. These moms may be our adoptive mom, aunts, our childhood neighbor, a sister, or a friend's parent. The possibilities are endless! They may not have delivered you in the hospital room, but still are a crucial part in who you are today.

To all of the mothers, of every shape and kind-  today, we celebrate you. 

Sarah & Sterling | River Trail in Asheville, NC

Saturday, we took a small trip through the mountains to a gorgeous, tucked away trail right inside of the Warren Wilson College Campus. There, we met Sarah & Sterling, a couple who's love story has taken 10 years to develop and blossom.

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They met here, at Warren Wilson College, during their freshman year. Although they did not enter a serious relationship until a few years later, the campus & its gorgeous trails have a clear role in their story. So, of course, when they chose to do their engagement photos in this gorgeous location, we couldn't help but jump on the idea!

We love the soft yet statement colors that Sarah & Sterling chose to wear. The blues and greens complimented the blooming forest around us, and really reflected their laid-back personalities. The two of them really share a special connection, and every time we'd take a shot they would be genuinely together, which is our absolute favorite!

We had so much fun exploring this Blue Ridge mountain trail with Sarah and Sterling! Already looking forward to their October wedding.

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