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Emily & Josh's DIY Rainy-day Backyard Wedding - Greenville, South Carolina

Emily & Josh's DIY Rainy-day Backyard Wedding - Greenville, South Carolina

Their wedding day was hand-crafted from the ground up. Emily's mother spend hours creating their ceremony arch, and the close family and friends rallied together to create a dreamy oasis in the backyard of their first home together. The only problem, if you can even call it that, was the rain. 

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Emma & Kevin's Colorful + Casual Summer Wedding | Lake Wylie, NC

Goodness, we sure have been blessed with some amazing couples this year! Emma & Kevin were simply a joy to work with, and so much fun to be around. Together they have the perfect chemistry, contagious laughter, and were prone to unexpected adventure. 

If you've been thinking about doing a smaller, casual wedding without the fuss, this wedding is the perfect inspiration! From homemade yummies to a reception that felt more like a family reunion, this wedding has all the charm and care-free vibe you'd expect from a backyard wedding!

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Their cozy wedding was right off the shore of Lake Wylie. Overcast clouds threatened rain all day, but waited until after fireworks to pour! I'm getting ahead of myself, though. Kevin & Emma opted to make their day especially special by including family and friends as 'vendors', making the majority of the food, planning and setting up the decor, and completing make-up and hair. The result meant a wedding that truly embodied their close relationships!  

One of the sweetest aspects of their day (and there were so many!) was how they got ready literally just a wall apart. Surrounded by their family, Emma & Kevin prepared for the celebration ahead. The cool part about our job is that often in these busy moments we can capture details that may have been forgotten or never known in the craziness of preparation. Emma had no idea that Kevin was right next door, surrounded by the people they both love. Looking back on those shared memories is just the best

They also decided to put their own twist on a 'First Look'. Instead of allowing Kevin to see her before the ceremony, they blindfolded him. This resulted in some messy high-fives, but a powerful pre-ceremony gathering that allowed them to pray together over their marriage without  breaking tradition. 

Fortunately, Kevin didn't have to wait very long to see her! In a beautiful ceremony with a short worship session and heartfelt vows, Kevin and Emma became man and wife. 

After such a sweet ceremony, it was only natural that their reception carry the same cozy vibes. The food was made largely by Emma & Kevin's family, and dancing was held underneath the patio surrounded by their loved ones. The best way I can think to describe their reception was like a long-awaited family reunion. Watching friends gathered around homemade food, celebrating the union of two wonderful people felt like a home away from home.  

During the festivities, we got the opportunity to sneak the two away for a few couple photos. They were just the easiest! Already quite the naturals, Kevin and Emma didn't seem to realize a camera was there at all! 

Fun fact: The four-leaf clovers below were found outside the venue during their wedding week- certainly a sign that they were meant to be. 

We were so honored to be a part of Kevin & Emma's beautiful day! Keep an eye out to see them again in the future for a post-wedding session!  

Venue: Mid-Century Lake House
Officiant: J.B. Brewer
DJ: Old Skool Entertainment - Andre Bryant
Entertainment: Katey Collins, Josh Elliot, Tim & Allie Carlson
Florist: Starclaire House of Flowers 
Hair: Twisted Lemon Salon & Spa
Makeup: Gracy Lyons

Special thanks to friends and family for working so hard to make everything come together. We wouldn’t have made it without their endless running around, help in the kitchen and preparing the lake house. But most of all, for their constant support and love. We are eternally grateful.
— Kevin & Emma