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Kimberly & Brooks | Timeless Charleston Engagement Session

Engagement photos mark the very beginning of a lifetime of commitment, and are as organic to your personalities as you can get. Mesh that with a relaxed environment in a location of your choice, and you're guaranteed memories for a lifetime. Kimberly & Brooks' garden session was no different.

Asheville Engagemt Photographer

The word I would use to describe this couple's love would have to be 'timeless.' It was evident from our first meeting with them that their love had a certain maturity and contentment that is unique. Needless to say, Mepkin Abbey- a monastery and garden venue stuck in time- was the perfect location for this classy couple.

Can we also talk about for a second their fantastic color coordination? The blues look so good against the greenery in the gardens, which really makes them subtly pop. Plus, Brooks' striped shirt adds so much texture.

And don't get me started on the beautiful light! Mepkin Abbey is always a killer location, but this Friday evening sunset was just perfect.

We are so excited for their lakeside November wedding! Winter can't come soon enough!

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Devan & Kelsey | Moncks Corner, South Carolina

Where to start?! Devan and Kelsey know how to have a good time, and they don't care who knows it. From her saucy attitude and his ability to make anyone laugh, these two are a dynamic duo that we are so glad to know!

Their chemistry is just the cutest. I mean, look at them! Not only are they fearless when it comes to laughter and funny faces, but they have the romantic sweet side that every relationship craves. And with their adorable dog by their side, this is one family-to-be that clearly made for each other!

Cats, Christmas, and stellar Clients

Sometimes, I feel like we are all mice and Christmas is a cat. You know, we're just normal humans who run around doing everyday things, (but sometimes some fun & quirky things too). Then you got Christmas, who is just lingering all year, stalking us just itching to pounce.  

You following me? It comes so quickly. And when it finally strikes us... it strikes hard. The past month has been Christmas sessions, present buying, Christmas sessions, Christmas carols, Christmas wedding, Christmas engagement, editing Christmas... and more Christmas Christmas Christmas....  

I swear, Christmas is just like a cat waiting to pounce, ya'll. 


That said, Christmas may be crazy and drain everything out of everyone, but we are so thankful to have gone through this crazy, joyful season with the most amazing clients ever!  

From discovering new parks with some adventurous families, to capturing the Christmas spirit with some of the most creative, to documenting crazy fun winter weddings... we've done it all with the most flexible, fabulous and fun couples & families we could have ever hoped to serve! 


So thank you all for making our first Christmas as a business one to remember. We have been honored to get to know so many generous people who have gone above and beyond, who were willing to give us- the new kids on the block- a chance.  

We wish each of you a wonderful & joyous holiday season, and the best Christmas yet! 


Two Sundays ago, we had the pleasure of taking Tia & Trey's engagement photographs! With contagious laughter and a romantic story to boot, this couple was so much fun to document.  

Both Tia and Trey met through their mutual friends at the University of Tennessee. Though Trey had his eye on her from the beginning, Tia was was in a relationship and was not interested. Four months later, Tia and Trey met back up for her birthday- and in her own words, "The rest is history!" 


 At first when they arrived, they were all decked out in beautiful formal wear... definitely not the most comfortable outfit for 90 degree weather! However, Tia and Trey were HUGE sports and dazzled!

Since they aren't natives of good ol' Carolina, Trey and Tia were so flexible when it came to choosing the perfect location. She knew she wanted it on the beach, with some of Carolina's charm. We choose Folly Beach by the historic lighthouse, just in time to catch the golden hour.

It was so sweet to hear them talk about their story and re-create a little bit of it just for us! Trey went all out in his proposal for her. Under the beautiful fireworks of Walt Disney World in their own private boat, he asked her to grow old with him. 

We are honored and so grateful that they choose to spend their time and trust with us! We truly had a blast with them, and wish the absolute best for their wedding and, most importantly, their life together! 

You guys are great. Best wishes!