Vintage Wedding

Kyle & Samantha | Downtown Charleston

Couples like Samantha + Kyle not only get us super stoked about their wedding (as engagement sessions always do!), but they also feed our creative hearts. A vintage inspire session in the heart of historic downtown Charleston?! What more could we hope for?

Vintage Engagement Session Charleston

This January day was perfect. Not to chilly (but really, when is it ever 'too cold' in Charleston?), and the sun poked out just right behind the clouds to give the most dreamy lighting. There was flocks of people (because perfect day = crowded streets) but from the way Kyle + Samantha were so in tune, you would have never known!

Our Year Review || 2015

2015 flew by so fast! It seems like just yesterday, 2015 was around the corner and we were gearing up for a New Year. At that time, we had only been in business for a month, and were anxious about 2015. How many weddings would we get the chance to shoot? How many new and interesting families would we meet? Would people continue to like our work as we grew as photographers? 

May 2015

May 2015

Our first 'big' event was a gorgeous vintage-inspired wedding at Alhambra Hall. It was the perfect first introduction for what large weddings entailed and looked like for us- and we fell completely in love with every aspect of the wedding day. 

After that wedding, spring came and went oh so fast. We had our share of ups and downs. Some mistakes were made and new experiences were shared. Because of these springtime 'growing pains', Woven Strands Photography became better then we could have hoped for. All of our spring brides took a chance on us, and for that we are oh so grateful.

During this time, we found out we were pregnant with our first child! We were worried about our future couples and how they would react, and how our business would fare, but our summer & fall brides embraced our growing family and trusted us still to document their beautiful days. These fall & summer weddings is when our style finally came to completion. Photo-journalistic, bright & airy with a hint of drama.

In October, we welcomed our new baby, Joy Elise. In those months following, we took a break from the intensity of weddings and got to focus on the families who choose us to document their lives.

Tonight, the final night of 2015, we pick up where we started. We're joining a beautiful couple tonight at Alhambra Hall to celebrate their 'I do's' until the New Year comes ringing. What better way for us to celebrate a year full of challenged, change, and growth!?

Sydney & Taylor's Spring Engagement Session

Sydney & Taylor's Spring Engagement Session

Woven Strands Photography has grown much more in 2015 then us two newly-wed, starry-eyed photographers could have even imagined in the beginning of 2015. We are so grateful to God for his continuous favor, for our brides & grooms for their trust and referrals, and of course the families who encourage us and allow us to document another beautiful stage of life. 

It's been a good year, 2015. Here's to many more!!

Todd + Georgia | Alhambra Hall, South Carolina

Weddings seriously make me swoon. I will readily admit I tear up at ceremonies (even with a camera in my hand) and probably during all the traditional dances, too. But what I'm a real sucker for are beautiful celebrations that join two beautiful people together- and Georgia + Todd are no exception. 


March 14th, 2015 in Mount Pleasant, South Carolina. The wind was ferocious, the clouds threatened rain, but nothing could dampen the obvious joy & sunshine that just radiated from this couple. Fortunately, the rain held off just long enough for the ceremony + cocktail hour (hooray!) and resulted in some of our favorite photos yet! 



Here's a first in our photography career: Documenting a wedding doubling as a family reunion celebrating one of the quirkiest, fun and creative couples we've met! 


Meet Joanna and Bryan, who's love story is as unique & lovely as they are. They met August 9th of 2014 (yes, you heard that right!) and were married December 22nd of that very same year! Talk about simply awesome.  

One of my favorite things about their wedding is the sentimental thought & creative decor and entertainment. Although it was important to Joanna to have her family there, she was determined to make her wedding entirely her own- which she did! 


Despite the deep blue color schemes and winter feel to her wedding, our Bride totally rocked a bit of a retro feel with her birdcage veil and totally unique wedding dress!


And the celebration began! Surrounded by family and close friends, Bryan & Joanna became husband and wife. <3 

Unfortunately, their wedding day was oh so rainy. We were able to snag some fun photos in Summerville Doty Park under a gazebo, but waited for a sunny day in order to grab some more fun photos at Riverfront Park in North Charleston. 


It's such a blast with these two! We're so grateful that they entrusted us to document their wedding day and wish the best for many years to come. :)