Hannon Wedding | Alth Farm, Pennsylvania

We are so pumped about these pictures! Weddings aren't just another event, they are a celebration of true love, a time that God takes joy in.  We are extremely honored to have been asked to document the McKeone-Hannon Wedding.  


The ceremony and reception took place at the beautiful and rustic Alth Farm in Couldersport, Pennsylvania. Coudersport is a town located in the midst of the many and gorgeous mountains inside Pennsylvania. We were surrounded completely by rolling greens on every side (can anyone say perfect?!)


Beautiful wedding, beautiful people. We are so excited for Mr. & Mrs. Hannon and their new life together! 


We had such a fun time with this fabulous couple this past Friday! Caleb and Kara have been friends for almost nine years... and have just now made their relationship 'official'! We are so grateful to know them and have their love for the Lord be an example to us and others. Full of energy and giggles, they are a continual reminder that it's okay to laugh at the small things! :) 


Did we mention Caleb plays guitar? Probably the sweetest moment of our evening together was when he whipped that beauty out and started singing to Kara! (Girl, that's a catch!) 


Of course, we also had the beautiful downtown Summerville as our backdrop. Lush greens, beautiful storefronts- the perfect location for a love story! 


We are so thankful to them for stepping out on a limb and allowing us to take their pictures! These memories are so precious, and we are honored they chose us to capture some of their early memories together. :)