frequently asked questions 


Where are you located?
Home is currently the small, country town of Waynesville - just west of Asheville, North Carolina.

and will you travel to our wedding?
Always, yes! In any given season there’s a high chance we’re packing our bags and heading to a new city to photograph something utterly dreamy! Just let us know where your wedding is and we’ll give you an all-inclusive pricing guide so you can be assured there’s no extra on top.

What is your pricing for weddings & sessions? 
On average, our couples spend anywhere between $2,300 - $3,400; but we have packages both under and above those price points to accommodate as many kinds of weddings as possible. Connect with us and spare no detail to get a full pricing guide relevant to your specific wedding!

How long after our wedding or session will we see our photos? For weddings, we have a turn around time of 4-6 weeks. This number just depends on our current editing demand - you’ll never see your photos any later then 6 weeks after your event!

For our sessions, you’ll see your photos no later than 3 weeks after our time together.

When is the best time to plan our session? Hands down sunset or sunrise. Although we can work with afternoon light and create dreamy photos, there’s nothing quite like that golden sun as it rise and falls. We recommend planning our couple sessions around the sun, and encourage our wedding couples to find just 20 minutes during the wedding day to get some sun-kissed portraits together. 

Will we be able to print our photos? Yes, absolutely! In every wedding and session package, we include what we call a ‘reproduction release’, which gives you the rights and permission to print your photos anytime, anywhere. The copyright of the photos, however, remains with us- which means we can use the photos in any sort of promotional, competitive, or professional manner. Mostly we want to see your pretty face on our website and blog!

Who ends up editing our photos? We do! We edit every single photo that is delivered in your final gallery. Although both of us have experience in editing, Jeff is the bee’s knees when it comes to getting that the tones we love. We don’t bulk edit or send them out to other editors - each photo is individually loved on and crafted to its final version, with presets made by us and altered for your unique wedding.

What kind of editing are we talking about? We do simple, clean edits on all of our weddings & sessions. Although sometimes it takes little bit of extra love to help a photo ‘pop’, we won't change anything major in your photos to take away from the reality of your wedding day. We will do face-swaps if someone closed their eyes during family photos, or we’ll remove small, distracting elements if possible - but what we won’t do is dramatically change or distort people and the elements surrounding your big day. We want you to look back at your photos and feel without a doubt that they authentically represent your day. 


Will you both be at my wedding? Absolutely, yes! We love working together as a team and making sure every detail of your day has two pairs of eyes on it. However, there are some packages that include only one photographer- for intimate weddings and sessions that’s sometimes all you need! 

How would you describe your style? In a pinch, we’d describe ourselves as photojournalistic photographers since we focus on candid, minimally posed photos. We prefer the majority of photos we deliver to be completely in the moment, not overly dramatic or pre-staged. We won’t ask you to ‘stay right there’ or to give us a smile while tossing the bouquet or during your first dance. The wedding day goes by so fast - we want you to be IN those moments with minimal interruptions. Of course, for couple who feel awkward in front of the camera, we'll use prompts and gentle, easy direction to loosen you up and help connect with each other. Together, we search for beautiful light and use that as our guide to create stunning photos.

What does the Woven Strands wedding experience look like? Wedding planning is crazy. It's hard work, but it's good work. No matter what your wedding vision is, we are available at any moment to come alongside you and create the perfect photography timeline and answer any and all questions and hesitations. With your vision in mind, we create a fun and completely customized schedule that works best for your unique wedding. In the end, our main goal is to document your day authentically and beautiful, delivering photos that make you relive your day all over again. Our conversation starts with you months before the wedding, collecting your must-have photos and learning every detail of your big day. It's crucial you feel comfortable with us- after all, we'll be closely witnessing one of the biggest days of your life- so when we show up in those first moments, we feel like friends instead of vendors.

What can I expect on my wedding day? When we walk into your venue for the first time, we arrive at least 20 minutes early to wander the premises and look around, even if we've been there before. We take note of where the sun is and the set-up of your ceremony and reception. Right on time, we find the bride and start capturing those pre-ceremony moments. When we're behind the camera, we're focused on both the little details and the big picture. You’ll see us all over the place; sometimes super close and other times in odd, far back places. Wherever we are, we're stay close to the action and utterly focused on preserving your day artistically and genuinely. 

The best photos come from emotion, and in the minutes set aside for only photography, we'll encourage conversation and story telling. We want to hear about how you met your significant other, your dreams for the future, and the moment you knew you loved them. There will be some bad jokes, but lots of laughter - we want you to remember every aspect of your wedding day as fun, as life-giving, as pure joy. 

When other events take our attention (the reception, the ceremony, the dances), you won't hear a thing from us. We know there is a time for crafting art and a time to document art as it happens. In these moments as your surrounded by your closest family and friends, we step back and let you fully experience your wedding day.  

At sunset (magical, beautiful golden hour) we alway ask our couples to step away for just a few minutes, even if it's not planned. Let's face it- it's hard to sneak away from our well-meaning family and friends to have a few quiet moments together. But having those memories for just the two of you are so important. At sunset, we blend beautiful light with quiet, thoughtful moments to create stunning images of just the two to accompany those fleeting memories. 

Okay - we want to book with you! What's the process? 

To officially confirm your wedding day, we require a booking fee (50% of the total package price) and the signing of a mutual contract. Once we receive the payment and contract your date is officially confirmed (hooray!). The final 50% isn't due until two weeks before your wedding.  

Is there a question we just didn't cover? Shoot us a message and we'll be happy to give you an answer!

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